Muscles for facial expression

These data were the first systematic evidence for the universality of emotions and their expressions. The auricular group consists of the anterior, superior, and posterior auricular muscles. The palpebral levitator superior muscle or more commonly known as the levitator for short is the the muscle which lifts the upper eye lid in the second part of the blinking action and maintains the correct level of the upper lid when the eye is open. The facial muscles or muscles of facial expression are situated within the subcutaneous tissue and are responsible for the movements of skin folds, providing different facial expressions. Unlike your other skeletal muscles which attach to your bones, your facial muscles attach to other muscles or to your skin.
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An overview of the muscles of facial expression.

Old photographs of the patient can often aid your recognition of subtle changes. What muscle is the agonist prime mover for mastication? This muscle originates at the cheekbone and draws the corners of the mouth up when you smile. Introduction The facial muscles are striated muscles that attach to the bones of the skull to perform important functions for daily life including mastication and facial expressions. This expression, shown above, has been interpreted as "sad-eyed" and is thought to tug on humans' heart strings.
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BBC Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind - Muscles Layer

The results revealed agreement both within and across cultures for six emotional expressions — anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise. The committee recommends prescribing oral steroids within 72 hours of symptom onset in patients 16 years and older. Similar articles in PubMed. Figuring out who's manipulating whom and who's getting more out of the relationship is a hopeless task. The facial muscles have a particular feature which makes them different to most other groups of muscles in the body. Facial Muscles Your browser does not support h.
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Depending on the chewing right or left or central and the chewed object, change the intervention pattern of the muscles of the entire face, from the superficial muscles to the deep muscles. The activation of facial movements that have become habitual, although acquired voluntarily, might resemble involuntary activation, but no research on this has been reported. Sponsored by: Eugene M. The superficial facial muscles affect the health of the skin and mucous membranes. One of those features is large eyes, and there's no shortage of evidence that these are a key avenue of communication with humans. The muscles of the face have different characteristics compared to the skeletal musculature, limbs and trunk. Many different muscles of the head are responsible for facial expressions such as smiling, frowning, anger, fear and surprise.
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